Richard Edlin, boat builder and designerMatakohe, North Auckland, New Zealand


After a couple of months of sailing Mixty in the usual Wednesday night and weekend harbour series I contacted Richard. He put Mixty back onto the drawing board and came up with a fairly radical plan to “enhance” her performance. The planned changes included an 8 foot draught new keel, 6 foot draught dagger board rudder, moving the forestay out nearly 1 metre, extending the length of the boom, new roachy mainsail and of course a gennaker prod. The transformation was to be a progressive one with a defined final rebuild plan. The initial changes included the new main, boom, moving the forestay out and the gennaker prod. The initial changes gave the boat a serious turbo charge but left her very tender without the extra balance of the new keel and deeper rudder. Shortly after the initial changes I managed to destroy the mast when a backstay let go while running with a massive masthead spinnaker off northhead on a Wednesday night race.

Mixty then got put into a shed, keel and everything else off and a complete ground up strip back and new shiny two pack paint inside and out. A few extra points of strengthening to cater for the new loadings of keel, rudder and masthead gear (Richard completed the structural work) and she then emerged looking like a current sport boat.

Richard spent quite a bit of time out sailing with me early on so that we could get the best out of her. The new set of sails along with the modifications completely transformed Mixty. She was fast, responsive and could hold her own now in the fleet racing. Downwind or on a gennaker run she was amazing, often seeing speeds around 20knots. One of my proudest moments was getting a round of applause from the Oracle Americas cup team that were coming back up the harbour on a day that was too windy for them when I was going out for a gennaker blast down the harbour. We came past them doing nearly 20 knots 3 handed with water spraying everywhere. It was one of those absolutely magic sport boat days.

I have since gone to the “dark side” and gone launching but still keep in contact with Richard. He has competed¬† a some major repairs to a couple of launches that I have owned and If I ever get to the point of having a boat built from scratch I would not hesitate to have Richard complete the work. The workmanship and finish are amazing and you can rely on him to give value for money. On top of his boat building and sailing experience he is actually a really nice guy and someone you can trust.

Keith Macy